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GFT, offering elite flight training in Canada, prepares pilots for the real world of aviation. GFT has a state of the art facility, large fleet of Cessna aircraft, many qualified instructors and a proven program to help you achieve your goal, on time and on budget.

GFT, strategically located in Gander Newfoundland, Canada, is well positioned as a flight training facility. GFT students experience four seasons. This proves to be beneficial because students experience real world weather conditions and can avoid the label “sunshine pilots”.

Testimonials I started as a student with Gft in 2006 when I was 17 and fresh out of high school. The staff were very helpful in making the transition into post secondary education. Gft's fares are competitive with the industry and the wide variety of people make it a great place to train. I graduated the cpl program and then moved into the instructor rating where I was hired as soon as my course was finished. I worked as a flight instructor for two years where i gained some very valuable flying skills. "the best pilots are trained in Atlantic Canada, because they are faced with so much adverse weather" air Canada jazz capatin. After instructing I moved onto another company to peruse my career but I will be forever grateful for the life lessons Gft has provided me. Very knowledgable and skillfull instructors, as we train our own students to the high standard we have set out for Gft. good luck in your endeavors wherever you choose to go! Megan Keeping

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Are you looking for a career as a Pilot? GFT can help!

GFT, offering expert professional flight training in Canada, is fortunate that its sister company, EVAS Air, is a full fledged airline. EVAS Air is a tier three carrier for Air Canada, has a scheduled Cargo run, performs domestic and international charters, and medevac operations. Because of this GFT has established its Career Progression Program. This program, open to all GFT students,and at no cost to the student, is provided with the opportunity to advance directly into an airline position without ever leaving GFT. GFT has committed to its students that EVAS Air will hire their own Instructors, Flight Followers and students before hiring any else. GFT has moved many students into it's airline division with much success. Check out our testimonials and news section for pictures and stories of some of those that have progressed.

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2019 AARAO Career Fair

Gander Flight Training will be joining the AARAO Career Fair across the Island for the next two weeks. Join us this morning at St. James Regional High School in Port aux Basque. At 1:00pm this afternoon we will be at Stephenville Regional High School and at 6:30pm this evening we will be at Pasadena Academy. Tomorrow, September 24th, we will be at Corner Brook High School at 10:00am and Elwood Regional High School in Deer Lake at 1:30pm. Stop by and have a chat with our Pilots Courtney Trimm and Taylor Hefferan and learn about the exciting experiences and opportunities in the Aviation Industry.

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